Howdy! This is your source for Ashland Poly Grease Traps and Lint Interceptors.

We have a huge inventory of Ashland Polytrap Grease and Lint Interceptors ready to ship.

Ashland Poly Trap 4800 Series Grease Traps are the ones that don't rust. Ashland grease traps are seamless, easy to install and easy to ship. The Poly Trap Series 4800 product line is approved by PDI and listed by IAPMO and UPC. Ashland grease traps are available in a multitude of sizes and varieties vor virtually any application you require.

Ashland Grease Trap Features Include:
  • Scientifically placed, removable baffles
  • Flow control device
  • Complete inlet and outlet connections with standard female NPT threads
  • O-ring sealing gasket between cover and tank
  • Matching cover with low pressure bolts in stainless steel
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Strong and durable, yet light in weight to make handling and installation less demanding
  • Ashland grease traps can be shipped via UPS
  • Ashland grease traps are Made in the USA
  • Now approved in New York City and Massachusetts
We've got hundreds of Ashland series 4800 grease traps in stock. Phone, fax, or email if you have any questions about Ashland grease traps or lint interceptors.

  • 4804 @ $179.40
  • 4807 @ $231.96
  • 4810 @ $252.57
  • 4815 @ $304.12
  • 4820 @ $360.82
  • 4825 @ $484.50
  • 4835 @ $555.67
  • 4850 @ $737.11
  • 4875 @ $1030.95

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